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The Vistas Homeowners Association

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Dear Homeowner:

February 11, 2014

The Vistas Homeowners Association (VHOA), in its efforts to accommodate the many requests we receive; has implemented an email distribution program to deliver information, such as newsletters, statements, and other homeowner notifications via electronic mail (email). The program is intended to reduce paper, mailing costs, and to make it more convenient for homeowners to receive information in a timely manner.

Nevada Revised Statue (NRS) 116.31068(1) allows an association to “deliver any notice required to be given by the association under this chapter to any mailing or electronic mail address a unit’s owner designates”. Please be aware that only certain notifications will be sent exclusively by email. You will still receive compliance and delinquency notifications by regular U.S. Mail, certified return receipt, or the manner designated by Statute. If you do nothing, then you will continue to receive all notices by U.S. Mail or the manner designated by Statute.

Your email address will not be distributed to any person or entity and will only be used by the Association to distribute official Association statements and notifications. A copy of this Authorization can also be found on the Association’s website.

If you choose to authorize or designate the use of your email for receipt of Association information, please provide the information required below with your dated signature. Once you provide Authorization, it will remain in place until you revoke this Authorization by a written statement to the Association. Please mail the completed form to the address listed above or you can also fax this Authorization to 775-786-0504. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Association office at 775-786-0500.


Compliance/Correction Response Form

  • Not out over 24 hours
  • An oversight & the violation has been corrected
  • Should you fail to timely and adequately return the Compliance/Correction Response Form, correct the noticed violation, or fail to cease and desist from further violation; you will be invited to attend a hearing and could be subject to fines.

    Please mail, fax, or email the completed form to the address listed above.

    An electronic copy of this as well as all other forms can be found at the website.

Owner Information Form

Owner Information Sheet

In an effort to better serve and safeguard our homeowners, please take a few minutes to complete the form below and submit it to the address, fax number, or email it to This detailed information that we are asking you to provide the Association helps us to expeditiously resolve matters and can assist us when we need to contact you if problems arise.

  • The Association currently contracts with a third-party vendor (PayLease), to offer credit and debit transactions online to pay Assessments. PayLease charges a transaction fee when using their service. Please provide an accurate and current email above. Homeowner’s will need to register with PayLease to activate their account and make payments. This can be done through the PayLease link at the website listed above. Account numbers for all homeowners is the numerical house number followed by the first two letters of the street you live on (example: 1234SB). The Association staff can assist you with any questions regarding PayLease. The information you provide on this form will be used to keep Association records current. Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.